Committees and Background Guides


SPECPOL – China’s Claims on International Territories – Chaired by Vedica Chudiwale & Aanya Jain, Staff: Alex Nakamura

UNEP – Technology Innovation to address Climate Change – Chaired by Nadia Lachlab & Malia Luckett, Staff: Shivani Goel

OAS – The State of Latin America, 2023 – Chaired by William Schwebach & Peter Roberti, Staff: Avery Chen


HISTORICAL – U.S. Women’s Suffrage Movement – Chaired by Ula Olson & Vivian Lee

FANTASY- Norse Mythology before Ragnarok – Chaired by Rosalind Van Reken & Yara Shomali

CRISIS – McDonald’s Board of Directors – Chaired by Maya Umerov-Todoroki & Jaya Shah, Co Chair – Ashton Marshall

Crisis Czar: Noor Long Crisis Staff: Griffin Lambo, John Miliarias, Sebastian Spykeman


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